Sitting-DogOur Guarantee

The subject of guarantees come up occasionally in dog training. Many trainers do not make guarantees because there are numerous factors which are out of their control. Some of the big factors include:
  • Sometimes the owner won't put in the necessary work
  • Occasionally the owner doesn't follow the trainer's instructions and instead decides to do things "their way" instead
  • Sometimes a dog has a neurological, physical, or psychological issue that can cause a handicap
  • Every so often, a dog has been practicing a bad behavior for so long that it will take a longer period of time for that behavior to be fully extinguished
  • On occasion genetics come into play (for example, very high prey drive)
As trainers, these are just a few of the issues that are out of our control.
But... as a professional business, we want our clients to be happy so we offer our own special guarantee. Keeping in mind all of the points above, here is what we offer...

Board and Train Guarantee

We guarantee that your dog will learn every obedience command in the package that you choose. Because every dog is an individual and they learn at their own pace, it is possible it may take a little longer for some dogs to fully "get it". In this case, we will add additional lessons onto the package at no cost to you, until we are confident that the dog understands each command. This may mean that we add an extra day of boarding, or it might mean that we will add on additional follow-up lessons, depending on the best situation for you and your dog.
We always provide a DVD to you at the end of training which will show your dog performing each command. Not only is this a keepsake that you can always treasure, but it is also a "final exam" for your dog, confirming that he or she has learned the commands.
As long as you are doing your part, we will always be here for you! We offer unlimited email & phone support for the life of your dog! In the rare event that you need more help than a phone call can provide, you can receive a free lesson if you come to our facility. 

Doing Your Part - What does that mean?

You, as the owner, must be fully committed to keep up with the training. This means practicing obedience regularly and in the manner that we will teach you. In fact, your dog's future success will be dependent upon your commitment to practice and enforce the training.

Please understand that your dog may work better for the trainer than for you at first (depending on the dog). There are two main reasons for this:

  • Your dog may associate you more with affection than authority
  • You are still learning how to train and interact with your dog in the right way

This is not a reflection on you, nor does it mean anything bad. This is why we have follow-up lessons (private owner training) in every program! However, after the follow-up lessons are complete, you will need to keep practicing for the life of your dog to keep the skills sharp.

This goes double for behavior issues! In fact, it is important to realize that when your dog goes home, he may very well think that "bootcamp is over and now the rules are gone!" Luckily, we will teach you how to enforce the rules back at your own home, but you must put in the work to see real, lasting results.

The most successful dogs are those whose owners recognize that they are an integral part of the learning process!