Sitting-DogBoard and Train



Border Collie training


Are you struggling with your dog's behavior issues?

Don't have time to take your dog back and forth to training classes?

We can transformed your unruly dog into a well-behaved family member

In 2-3 weeks.



Our Board & Train program is designed to be a fully immersive training experience. Your dog stays in the trainer's home while he or she learns.

You can relax knowing that your dog will be in a safe, secure environment designed for learning!


What does the dog learn?

Basic & advanced obedience! Good manners! Help with behavior problems! In some cases, full rehabilitation. It all depends. We make a customized behavior and training plan just for you! We understand that every situation is unique, so we customize the program to meet your needs!

We can help with pesky, annoying... or even dangerous behavior problems. We know just how difficult your life can be when your dog has an issue.

                                                                                                 Why suffer any longer?



starburst-red-hiThe Perfect Pupil


For the owner who wants peace of mind that their dog will be a great citizen and family member. We'll teach behaviors that will make your life easier. Dogs who go through this course become calm, responsive, and attentive. By combining the fundamentals of obedience with focused behavior problem-solving, your dog will be happier and so will you!


  • Customized Behavior Modification (we'll fix the annoying stuff your dog does)
  • 12 Useful Commands and Basic Life skills that can be applied in everyday life
  • We teach your dog how to relax and "calm down" on his own
  • Impulse-control exercises
  • Confidence-building exercises
  • Skills and games that will channel your dog's energy
  • Your dog will learn to follow your commands, even when there are distractions
  • Includes a DVD of your dog performing the commands
  • Customized owner training lessons for you
  • Email and/or phone support for the life of your dog
  • Our safe, secure home facility helps us provide 24/7 structure - even when your dog is relaxing


This is a 14-day program and includes two owner training lesson (one at your house)
Tuition is $1675



purple starThe Gifted Graduate


Imagine what it might be like to have the ideal dog... the type that your friends admire for how smart they are and for all the commands that they know... the type that vets and groomers commend for their excellent behavior. A dog who you can take with you wherever you go and feel a sense of pride. This is the program for those that want off-leash capability, hand signals, and the works. This is what owning a dog is truly about - the ability to take the shared bond you already have and experience it to the fullest extent!
This program also gives us time to dedicate to more severe behavior problems such as aggression issues, severe anxiety, or other deep-seated problems. We will discuss your dog's issues on your evaluation day to see if he or she would be a good fit for this program. If so, we will tailor a plan to address these behavior problems.
  • Advanced Behavior Modification (work on really tough problems) - if needed
  • 15 useful Commands and Life Skills that can be used in everyday life
  • Field trips to dog-friendly locations to practice commands in other settings and situations
  • More extensive work with distractions - prepares your dog for obedience in the "real world"
  • Advanced obedience on-leash and off-leash
  • Voice Commands and Hand Signals
  • Extensive relaxation exercies
  • Includes a DVD of your dog performing the commands
  • Customized owner-training lessons for you
  • Email and/or phone support for the life of your dog
  • Our safe, secure home facility helps us provide 24/7 structure - even when your dog is relaxing
This is a 21-day program and includes three owner training lesson (two at your own home)
Tuition is $2575


Why go with us?

  • We only take in TWO-THREE DOGS at a time! We'll have plenty of time to devote to your dog's particular issues!


  • Your dog will stay in a home environment, not a kennel!


  • Your pet will be getting an education 24/7!


  • We believe that your best friend should get care and love, in addition to structure.


These programs are not only comprehensive obedience and behavior courses, but are

an investment in the life of your dog!




Sounds great! How do I find out more? Dog-School

Interested in enrolling your dog? We'd love to welcome you to our family! Go to this page where you can:

  • Check out the prerequisites for enrollment.
  • Read about how our training works to make sure our style of training is a good fit for you!
  • Look at what will be expected of you in the training process. This will be an important step in the life of you and your dog and we want to make it as enjoyable and seamless as possible!

Then, simply give us a call, send us an email, or shoot us a message on our contact us page. We will schedule an evaluation to come to your house and meet you and your dog! During the evaluation, your trainer will be able to answer questions and make recommendations based on your needs and goals. Together, we will make an individualized plan for your best friend and enroll him or her in one of our exciting programs.

We look forward to hearing from you!