Sitting-DogBehavior Fixes in your home

Does your dog have a specific behavioral problem that you want solved?

Are you at your wit's end, hoping for answers?

We can help.

white shepherd
Living with a difficult dog can put a strain on your life, plain and simple. Problem behaviors usually don't just "go away on their own". In fact, many get worse as time goes by...
Our Behavior Fix Consults are designed with you in mind.
We understand that every situation is different but our goal is always to restore harmony to your household!
We will come to your home (or wherever the problem is happening) and get a detailed history. We will then put together a personalized plan and begin to put that plan into action! This first session can last anywhere from 2-3 hours as we work to help your dog through the problem. Just like with any rehabilitation, you will probably have changes you'll need to make too. We'll help design a plan for you, as the owners, as well. Most owners want to do what is best for their dog but don't know how - that's where we come in.
The second session normally takes place a couple weeks later, so that we can see your progress and make adjustments if needed. With many cases, we are able to fix the problem completely. With other cases, we can reduce the behavior greatly and have your dog on the pathway to success in no time. More single sessions can be added if needed, but most owners are happy with the results of the initial two.
Cost is $300 total for the 2 sessions.
 Why suffer any longer? Contact us today to take back your life!



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